Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Greetings from Wonder World!

Hi! My name is Rudolf and I am a walking stick. I am an alien insect and I live on the planet Wonder World. I am fourteen years old and very intelligent. I am also very strong for only being two and a half feet tall. I would like to welcome you to our blogspot and introduce you to some of the things and characters from book one of the Wonder World series. Oh, and before I forget... look for the Wonder World TV show in the near future! I hope you enjoy your visit! (Left click on photos to enlarge!)
This is a pretty good image of the land rover my good friends Billy, Jennifer, Trevor, Ali, and Jeremy brought with them on the space shuttle Freedom to my home planet when they travelled to the other side of the Sun through a wormhole. Doesn't it look cool? I get to ride around in it all the time. Can you see the spotlight on the back that Jeremy modified into a powerful laser using the red ruby crystals?
Here are some more pictures of the rover so you can get a better idea of just how awesome this vehicle is. You can't see it in these photos, but there are actually three more seats in the back. Sometimes we all cruise around in it going on adventures. We go fossil hunting, crystal mining, and we explore the ancient cities. Sometimes we go shell collecting down at the beach, but when we go there we usually fly using the team's backpack airballoons. I really like the rover. Someday I hope to drive it!
Above is a collection of three images of a Blorse. A blorse is an animal native to my home planet. Don't be frightened by his looks, he is actually a very nice animal. My people ride them like you might ride a horse. They are our only means of transportation when my friends and their rover are not around. If you will notice, a Blorse has one eye, two big horns and a set of apendages on the side of his head that help him eat.
These are two of the weapons I carry when I go out riding with my friends. One is a spear and the other is a double bow and arrow. I don't mean to brag, but I am a pretty good shot! We don't hunt with them as we are vegetarian insects, however, we need them for self-defense, especially when the Vlorgyths are conerned.
Here are some photos of the hand held laser weapon that Jeremy and the guys fashioned from crystals they dug up on Wonder World. Each setting turns this laser flashlight into a different kind of weapon. For example; the blue crystal will put someone to sleep whereas the red crystal setting can cut a tree in half! Wouldn't you like to have one of these?
This is a Vlorgyth. As you can see, they are very dangerous birds. At five feet tall they are a very big threat to everyone on Wonder World. I don't like to run into these birds without my spear and bow. Would you like to see more images of some of the creatures from my planet?
Here is another picture of a Vlorgyth. You can read all about how Billy and the other guys got in a fight with one at their camp in Wonder World Part 1: The Other Side of the Sun. You can also read about how they attacked my village and the epic battle that ensued when we travelled with our small army to their nesting site in the desert by the base of the volcano. I do hope you like reading about our adventures. You know, you can get our books on your Kindle for only 99 cents or you can buy the paperback versions at Amazon.com!
Here is another picture of the landrover just because I think this one is cool. We took this in the desert just before our fight with the Vlorgyths.
This is a picture of a Sandbug. They are only about four inches long, but boy do they bite! Our Blorses get bit on the feet by them all the time. They like to live in sandy soil and eat things like Creepy Mole Ants and Skippersnats.
Oops! I totally forgot it is my turn to go pick the chocolate watermelon for diner, so I have to get going! If you haven't read about our adventures yet, please look for the Wonder World series on your Kindle or go to Amazon.com. You can get the actual book there for only $9.95! I hope to see you come back to this blog in the future. I will definitely be posting more cool photos! Take care. Rudolf.